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Testimonials Below

From first get go I knew Dan and Mary Jo were the breeders for me.  I had planned and researched breeders for 2 years and settled on them.  They had the perfect mix of English(3/4) vs American(1/4) in their litters.  Making a great calm house dog with the great endurance and nose of a hunter.  Remi has been a great pup from day one.  She came into the home and didn't have one accident and had no problem in her crate.  We had her in the water at 9 weeks and she loved it, by 4 months she was already on birds.  At 6 months she went to Holzinger Kennels out of the Horse and Hunt in Prior Lake, MN for 12 weeks of training and did amazing!!  She retrieves to hand or the "Gentleman's retrieve" by coming to heel, sitting, and will hold the bumper until given the command to drop.  She is force fetched and is running drills with hand signals.  She is ready for this year's duck and pheasant season.  I could not be more proud of what this pup has achieved in the first year of her life.  I am so very thankful to Dan and Mary Jo for producing my dream hunting dog.  Hands down one of the best experiences I have had.
The Moschos have been excellent resources since the moment we took Scout home.  Before that, we were thrilled with the chances to meet litters of puppies, to visit the spotless outbuildings, and to witness the incredibly-trained adult dogs.  It is evident that each dog is well-loved and eager to please.  Scout has been such a friendly and good dog who fits nicely into our busy house.  Thank you!
                                                       Just thought I'd send an update with few pictures of cash! He is an
                                                       amazing dog we absolutely love him and he is an awesome bird dog!
                                                       We're currently in North Dakota hunting duck and he’s doing a good job!

Our family feels so fortunate to be blessed with our dog, Lucy.  It was amazing how quickly she adjusted to home life as a puppy, and it took no time at all for her to make a special imprint on the hearts of everyone in our family.  She is incredibly smart, sweet, affectionate, loves people of all ages and every animal she meets.  She doesn't care if she is alpha dog, she will happily submit because she just wants to play.  We often get comments about how well-behaved she is, and people can't believe she is only one year old based on her behavior and calm demeanor.  Even our veterinarian commented at her puppy visits about her easy-going personality and calm demeanor.  She has become a fixture at both of our kid's softball and baseball games, sometimes even drawing a crowd of kids that want to see her do tricks or just pet her and hang out.  Lucy has a very strong drive for retrieving and will happily drop it right at your feet for the next throw.  She has quite a nose for scent ever since puppyhood and it is always fun finding new ways to challenge her to use it.  She possesses a true love of learning and is eager to please, which has made training fun and easy.  She loves to swim and recently started pier jumping after her dummy up at the cabin - and is catching quite a bit of air!  This is our second labrador from Dan & Mary Jo, and we are so glad to have made the right choice again.  They are very patient and are a wealth of information.  They have been generous with their time, allowing us to visit with Lucy and the other puppies a number of times as they grew up before we brought them home.  It helped us to make the perfect puppy choice for our family.  We couldn't be happier and we would highly recommend Whispering Pines Labradors.
We had a great experience working with Dan and Mary Jo.  They were always communicative, straightforward, and really helped us pick the best dog for our needs.  We've had Finn for almost a year and can't say enough amazing things - he is truly part of our family.  We can't remember what life was like without him!  Finn is always complimented for his gorgeous dark coat, blocky head, and solid (yet lean) stature.  He has a great demeanor and is extremely friendly - never scared or timid.  He loves to go on walks in the park, swim, play with other dogs, and fetch!  A perfect dog for a young, active couple in Chicago.  We couldn't be happier!
                                                         I took Monday through Wednesday off to stay home with Remie and get her acclimated to her new                                            environment.  During this time we took car rides, met neighborhood dogs, worked on her name,                                                       visited the vet and became familiar with her kennel. 
                                                         Also, in the past week Remie has learned how to sit and stay on command and fetch/retrieve.  As of                                            Today, she will perform all three with about 75% success.  We just started to introduce the whistle                                                      for SIT and will start working on the COME command this week.
                                                         Remie and the kids are amazing.  The kids and I have taught her how to walk on a leash and                                                           enjoy two walks each day.  After the walk, she will play fetch with our daughter and sit with our                                                           son on the floor.  Really an amazing dog as she will go from active to calm so quick.  
                                                         Remie loves to play and cuddle.  When I’m cooking any type of meal she is almost always                                                                cuddled on top of my feet between my legs and the cabinets.  She loves being near us and in                                                              contact with us!  Such fun and so sweet!
Dan and Mary Jo made the dog buying experience a pleasure versus a chore.  And, the customer service did not stop after we took our puppy home as they continued to be available to answer questions and offer advice.  Most importantly, we are very happy with our dog as he has grown to exhibit all of the characteristics the breeders suggested that we could expect.
We've had our dog Porter for a litttle over a year now and can't imagine life without him!  He has a very kind and sweet temperament, loves other dogs and people, and always brings a smile to our face.  He was so quick to accommodate to our house, his kennel, his new surroundings.  We love his energy and fun-loving personality.  It was very easy and stress-free working with Dan and Mary Jo.  We do not live in Minnesota so we picked Porter out from his litter based on the extensive information Dan and Mary Jo provide about each puppy.  We appreciated all of the communication and quick replies from them as our excitement about getting a puppy was great.  We absolutely love Porter and thank Dan and Mary Jo for raising such wonderful labs.!
We found Whispering Pines Kennel by searching online when looking for a lab.  The experience we have had with Dan and Mary Jo was excellent.  They are good people and great breeders.  We have had several labs from different breeders and have never been as pleased as we are with our yellow lab, Josie.  She is a tremendous dog.  Very well behaved and so easy to train.  We joke that she is half human because when you tell her something she just does it!  My husband hunts A LOT and sees a lot of hunting dogs and she is the best.  He started her hunting when she was only 7 months old and she is excellent.  She travels well, they fly in private planes to hunting destinations as well as long hours on the road.  She loves to hunt, but when she comes home she settles into her role as a house dog very easy.  She is well mannered and great with kids.  She is very gentle with kids and is easy to take anywhere.  We take her camping, Grandparents for weekend trips and she adjusts well in all situations.  She is the prettiest lab I have ever seen.  Nice blocky head, white colored coat, and nice dark pigment.  We love everything about her and wouldn't change a thing.  We will definately be returning to Whispering Pines for out next lab!!
Dan and Mary Jo were great to work with and the communicating back and forth was very good.  We would highly recommend them to others and would buy another lab from them in a heartbeat.  Well run operation and we were very pleased.
I thought our experience was exellent and we would highly recommend Whispering Pines to anyone else.  Our pup turned out to be exactly like the dog they had described to us.  She is extremely smart, very well mannered, and has an excellent temperament.  She is very easy to train and we are constantly getting compliments of what a great looking dog she is.  I would highly recommend Whispering Pines pups to anyone that was looking for a lab.  Our next dog will be coming from here also.
As first time dog owners, we could have not asked for better breeders, or a more perfect dog.  Rawly is an absolutely wonderful dog and that is not only coming from his owners, but others (in our apartment complex, people at the different dog parks around the Twin Cities that we frequent, friends and family).   He is extremely mellow-mannered, VERY sweet and lovable, and he has been a very easy dog to train.  As we have been able to teach him how to sit, stay, come, sit pretty, lay down, bow and rollover within the first 8 months of his life.
As previously stated, we are extremely pleased with how Dan and Mary Jo breed Labradors.  We are looking to expand our family by 4 more paws within the year to come, and we will, without a doubt, come back to Whispering Pines.

                                                       Buck spends a lot of time with my 10 yr old golden, Chucky.  Our favorite

                                                 activity is pheasant hunting, but we spend many hours in the field each week,
                                                 mostly just goofing around and discovering new places.  Goof is a better
                                                 description of Chucky and myself.  Buck has a very sweet disposition, but he
                                                 loves to run and hunt. At times, he seems tireless, yet he’s happy to get in the
                                                 car to go home.
                                                      Buck was 66 lbs at his last physical in December of 2017.  Our vet was

                                                 particularly impressed with his muscle development.  He has been extremely
                                                 healthy.  He hasn’t been measured for height, but please let me know if you’d
                                                 like a measurement 

Dan and Mary Jo produce high-quality Labradors that are smart, loyal, loving, energetic and have overall
amazing personalities.  Our fox red Labrador we purchased from them has been an outstanding addition
to our family.  He is a gorgeous, well mannered, loyal, loving, intelligent, playful, lively, respectful, quick learner
and has an outstanding personality.  He is connected to every member of our family and we are thankful for his
love each and every day. 

Ebony X Birch pup born January 2018

2.5 month old Hattie is doing great.  She is sleeping in the house through the night in her crate with

no accidents.  Loves the garage kennel with our old dog and has worked out an understanding with
our two cats.  She has been traveling with me and has two nights in a motel on her resume.  She is
a quick learner and we are enjoying her very much.

Paul (husband) says at 9 months old...
Just a quick email to update you on Hattie.
This pup adapts to any situation we challenge her with.  She has a wonderful off/on switch and

travels like a champ (she is with me again today).  Pheasant opener was Saturday and she got her
first rooster and two partridge.  After that rooster, she was all business.  Working with her, I wonder
why I waited so long to get another pup.  We are having a blast with her.​​

Teri(wife) says at 10 months old...
She is quite the dog.  Great listener, so willing to learn and an awesome companion.  She travels with my husband, for his job, most of the week and looks forward to hunting on the weekends.  So she knows all about hotels and birds.   She made her first trip to Minneapolis over Thanksgiving and learned about elevator rides to the 7th floor, not a fan until a treat was involved :) and city living.

Paul says at 10 months old..
Dan, This pup is a joy to work with, adapts to everything.  Bird crazy even with the very low number of birds we are finding.

2019--Hattie is having a busy fall so far.  We are finding birds and she keeps learning.  She is a joy to take afield, acting like a 2 year old, but amazing me often.  The description, "on off switch" I feel is over used, but not in her case.  Acts like a lap dog in the house and vehicle, and hunts hard when we get in pheasant cover (cattail sloughs).  She heals until I release her, and comes back when I call her, even when hunting scent.  Very happy with her retrieving, we have not lost a bird yet this season.  She has become a huge part of our family and is a joy to be around

Tomorrow Piper turns 4 and I wanted to reach out and say how much we love this dog!  She is the perfect family dog, so sweet, loves car rides, boat rides and the water, and is very calm.  We call her a sloth at times as she is very content to just hang out - unless we say walk and then she is ready to go.  We continue to recommend you to all who are thinking of getting a lab (and I have tried to convince my family we need a 2nd ;) ).

We cannot say enough about our experience with Whispering Pines.  We recommend you over and over and would come back for any dog we have.  Our dog has all the qualities we desired and was obedient and trained with great rules from day one and was easy to train.  We knew what we were walking into with our dog and what his characteristics would most likely be.  We were given tools and resources to help that 1 year after we have him we are still using.  He is a great dog with great personality and health.  We are so very pleased with our pup and love him like crazy!

Mary Jo and Dan Moscho are top notch dog breeders.  They run a very professional yet personal operation.  They guided us perfectly through our dog selection experience and taught us about what to expect after we got home.  We highly recommend Whispering Pines for anyone looking for a red, black, or white British Lab for either a companion lab or a hunting lab.  Their labs are very trainable with a great personality.

We got an awesome dog in Milo as a companion and as a pet.  He is a really handsome dog and very cute, people stopping their cars just to admire him is common.  He is very playful and smart, learning very quickly.  Thank you Dan and Mary Jo for helping guide us throughout this process.  We both appreciate it very much. 

Just wanted to write you and let you know that my wife and I LOVE our dog Cabela "formerly Tia".  She turns 3 years old this month and is the sweetest lab I have ever been around.  She is a submissive dog and loves to play with all people and dogs.  I take her bird hunting every chance I get includiing waterfowl, upland game, and dove hunting.  At only 55 lbs she has to work very hard to retrieve large geese but always seems to get them back at me.  Her personality is a great mix of high energy for hunting and easy going demeanor around the house.  My wife takes her as many new places as possible including long walks.  From the day we brought her home she seems to be comfortable in any situation.  I can't say enough good things about her and how happy we are to have Cabela as part of the family!  Thank you Moscho's for the well-rounded and lovable dog!  JT & Kylie

Wonderful people, wonderful facilities, and exceptionally well cared for adult dogs and pups.  Our Tank from Whispering Pines is now 1 year old.  He is beautiful, extremely smart and well-mannered and does very well as an indoor and hunting dog.  Couldn't say better things about them!
Picture shows Tank at 8 weeks, 6 months, and 1 yr

Bennie continues to be a great dog.  He is now doing Rally and agility courses and is perfect every time.  Very smart dog!  And so sweet.

Bennie is the red dog in the pictures.

We have purchased two family dogs from Whispering Pines and have had excellent experiences both times.  Dan and Mary Jo do a wonderful job matching puppies with families and produce well adjusted pups.  Both of our dogs are gentle, sweet, obedient and mild-mannered.  We have recommended Whispering Pines to many people and will continue to do so.  We cannot say enough about this wonderful kennel.
Choosing to get our Labrador Retriever from Dan & Mary Jo at Whispering Pines was a great decision.  Our lab, Millie, is now a year old and an inseparable part of our family.  She is very intelligient and easy to train.  She loves people, is very affectionate and eager to please.  When it is time to play or hunt she has the "light switch" disposition of her father and can't wait to go again, but around the house she is pleasant to have with us.  Without a doubt our expectations have been exceeded by Dan & Mary Jo and the puppies they breed.

Many people have asked us where we found Ranger because he is so well behaved for his age and they love his color and build.  I am always happy to tell them that the two of you are very consientious.  The kennel is clean and the dogs are well cared for.  Ranger has exceeded our expecations!

We have now gotten two pups from Dan and Mary Jo and wouldn't consider getting a lab from anywhere else.  These pups have been great all around.  They're excellent family dogs and have very good hunting instincts.  Our older girl is on her 11th hunting season and still going strong, and our 1 year old is a natural pointer.  We have been impressed with their light switch personalities and they are quick learners.  For anyone looking for a companion and hunting lab we would recommend Whispering Pines any day. 

Our family was very impressed with Whispering Pines Labradors.  When we visited their kennels the facility was clean and ran well.  Dan and Mary Jo were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of getting our dog, Rigley.  Rigley has fit right into our family the moment we got him home.  We would definitely come to Whispering Pines again for another dog!

We purchased our dog "Ruby" from Whispering Pines Family Kennel 1 year ago this spring.  We had a great experience during our initial visit with Dan & Mary Jo.  We were taken on a tour of the kennels and got to meet the dogs and see what their daily routine consisted of.  All of the dogs were friendly, outgoing and well taken care of.  The facilities were clean and organized and well kept up.  We returned about 3 months later to pick up our puppy, Ruby.  She truly has been  a joy to have in our lives from day 1.  Everyday Ruby does chores with me in the morning and helps feed the animals.  During Spring and Fall she rides with my husband to his fields to pick up parts, or is with him in the shop fixing equipment.  Every night after work we do chores again and go for a walk or swim in the river when the weather is nice.  She will also go kayaking with me and retrieve sticks and her ball in the water as well.  She is with us all the time wherever we are on the farm ie garden, shop woods, river, chopping wood, or blowing snow.  She is a very active and energetic young dog , so we have taken up going to classes once a week in a nearby town for obedience and agility.  She is doing very well in her classes and we hope to enter the next obedience competition.  She loves dogs and people, but most especially children, and will follow them everywhere when we have company over.  She is also gentle and will lay quietly by your side and releax when we sit down for the day.  She is always happy to greet us when we come home and is a great comfort for me when I am home alone.  We couldn't have imagined such a perfect dog like our Ruby.  She is the best companion we could have asked for.  We hope to continue many more wonderful adventures together in the years to come.

Bamsey has been such a wonderful dog, we could not have asked for a better dog.  He is a very loving dog that wants to be around all people and animals.  He also is very well behaved and has been a quick learner, he has great retrieving skills and should be fun out in the field this fall.  We constantly get positive comments from friends and strangers on his demeanor and appearance.  Thank you Dan and Mary Jo for breeding and raising such great Fox Red Labs!

I could not have asked for a better dog and companion.  She's extremely friendly to everyone we meet and plays well with other dogs.  I initially got her to be an emotional support animal, but have since decided to train her as a therapy animal for children's hospitals and nursing homes.  Her demeanor makes her a great candidate for this endeavor and being able to share her with others is an amazing feeling.  Dan and Mary Jo's personality assessment of their puppies made this possible and I will continue to recommend them to others in the future.

These pictures are Daisy at 13 months.  She's full grown at about 65 lbs and 21.5 inches at the shoulder.
Daisy has become a beloved family pet.  She gets along great with all children, other dogs, and cats.  From day 1 she has been very trusting and usually rolls over onto her back for both new large dogs and humans.  She is a great blend of calm which makes for a great house dog, cuddler, and walking companion, but also loves to retrieve endlessly especially in water during the summer.  Our family highly recommends Dan and his labs. 

Dan & Mary Jo did a great job as breeders preparing us for success with Bailey.  They were spot on rating her activity level and demeanor.  She's very affectionate and cuddly yet active and disciplined.  We had no health issues.  We are not disappointed.

We are so appreciative of everything Whispering Pines has done for us!  Griffey is the most amazing addition to our family and we truly could not ask for a better dog.  He has the sweetest demeanor and is such a friendly and loving dog.  He has such a fun personality and brings us so much joy! Not to mention he is so incredibly handsome!  We get compliments on him every single day.  Dan and Mary Jo were so helpful throughout the process.   They provided us with such valuable information and we trusted everything they had to say.  We were so appreciative of all the guidance and support they gave us as new puppy owners!  They are there or you every step of the way.

Lyle and I simply cannot explain how wonderful Buddy is.  From the moment we got him, it was like he was meant for us.  He loves going on walks, finding and gnawing on sticks, Hallmark Movies (thanks to his mom lol), any kind of dog to, and most recently, duck hunting!  We're only two weeks away from going to pick him up from duck hunting school, bu once a week we go out to 'train' with him, and watching him in action is really remarkable.  He LOVES it!  I know Lyle will have so much fun with him this season.

We have had our dog almost a year now and we love him.  He enjoys hunting with me.  He is very eager to go bird hunting.  When we get home he likes cuddling up with us on the couch.  He is such a loving dog.  Dan & Mary Jo are very good at what they do.  We couldn't be happier with our new family member!!!  Whispering Pines is the best.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Whispering Pines Annie was nearly a year and a half old when we got her about a year ago.  Since that time this beautiful Labrador Retriever has proven to be a wonderful and loving companion.  Annie quickly became a cherised member of our household.  This Kennel normally deals with puppies but Dan Moscho, the owner of Whispering Pines Kennel, sought her out especially. 

Dan knew about my health issues and selected her for me.  Annie has decided to become my service dog.  I have been battling cancer for over two years and Annie cheerfully motivates me to get outside and walk three times a day.  In fact, my wife said that Annie was the most effective therapy I had ever had.  Annie is extremely affectionate and a pleasure to have in our home.  We can't thank Dan and his wife for going above and beyond to match us up with a dog that perfectly fills our needs.

Cadiz, KY

We have 2 beautiful labs from Whispering Pines.  Gus, age 4, is a Black Lab and Charlie, age 1, is an Ivory Lab.  They have the same dad, Chester.  Both Gus and Charlie are beautiful labs!  We have received so many compliments from strangers on their look.  Both have laid back personalities and loving souls!  They love to please and they love their people!  Our experience with Whispering Pines with both dogs is amazing.  Dan and Mary Jo are so personable and do such a great job in finding the perfect puppy for your family!  I think highly of them and thier dogs and tell people about them often! Thank you, Dan and Mary Jo, for our 2 beautiful labs.  We love them so much!

Bella is 1 year old, she has probably been the easiest dog I have trained.  Bella was retrieving by the time she was 4 months old, and she also was flushing pheasants and following scent trails by month 5, most came very natural for her.  She is currently what is called a sunshine girl, this means she goes to visit children with cancer and was voted by kids as a favorite.