Our Females

Whispering Pines Lady Ebony

Whispering Pines Ebony is a lovely daughter of our Reba and Sir Benedict (Both Retired).  Ebony has the "lightswitch" Personality we work hard to produce as she loves to Retrieve and can turn it off and lay quietly by your side.  Ebony is 21" tall and weighs 60#. Her full sister is Cassi, pictured below. Activity Score 5-6.

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Kamo Cassi of Whispering Pines

   Cassi is our other Reba & Sir Ben daughter. She is very much like her Mom and is a Good Natured girl, calm and quiet,..until you pick up something for her to retrieve. Cassi is eager to please which makes her easy to work with. She is an excellent swimmer, hunter and loves to retrieve besides being a great family member. 
    Cassi has a Beautiful Structure with a Blocky Style Head and Deep Chest. Cassi stands 24" tall at the shoulder and weighs 70 lbs. Activity
Score 6.


Whispering Pines Lady Cricket

   Cricket is one of our smaller girls.  She weighs 55# and is 19” tall at the shoulder. Folks comment on Cricket's Dark Eyes and Expressive/ Intelligent look.
   Cricket very much has a light switch personality as she is a ‘want to be by your side, please pet me’ dog until you give her something to retrieve, then she is all business.  Activity Score 5-6.

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Whispering Pines Lady Echo

  Echo, the daughter of our Camo Cassi and Sir Birch combines the Retrieving Drive of her mom and Sweet Soft Nature of her dad. Echo is 22" tall and weighs 60#.  Activity Score 5-6. 


Whispering Pines Lady Skye    

Skye is Jewel's little sister.  Like her sister Jewel, Skye is a fun loving girl but with more retrieving drive.  She is also very sure she should be right next to you whenever you are looking for a dog to be petted.  Skye has the Beautiful, Short Fox Red coat and the lightswitch personality we strive to produce. 
(Skye is a Brooke X Rusty daughter) Skye is 20" tall and weighs 55-60#. Activity Score 6.  


Lady Clover of Whispering Pines

Clover is our Sir Regal's full, but one year younger Fox Red sister. We especially like her Alert, Inquisitive Expression. Clover is a great retriever with an Active Friendly Loving Temperament. Activity Score 6-7.

Prelimb OFA-Good

Lady Poppee of Whispering Pines

Poppee is the daughter of Lady Cayenne (retired) and Sir GriffonPoppee is a Fun Loving,  fairly active Girl. Other than a good belly rub, nothing makes Poppee happier than a good session of Playing Fetch. She is a Great Retriever.  As shown, she has a nice feminine looking head and an eye-catching Fox Red Coat.  Poppee has an Activity Score of 7.

Prelimb OFA-Good

Whispering Pines Lady Joy

Lady Joy is the daughter of Lady Cayenne (retired) and Sir Griffon.  Joy is Poppee’s littermate sister.  She has a somewhat larger build than her sister, has the same beautiful Fox Red coat, plenty of retrieving drive and yet settles down nicely when in our home.  Joy is 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 65-70 lbs.  Joy has an Activity Score of 6.

Prelimb OFA-Good

Lady Oakley of Whispering Pines

Oakley is a Fun-Loving Active retriever. She lives with friends that have a young family of four. Oakley enjoys "chilling" snuggle time with their children. Oakley has a proportionate, Beautiful English build . She is 21" tall and weighs 60#.   Activity Score 6-7.

OFA - Good

Whispering Pines Lady Gaia

Gaia (Happy in Italian) is a very gentle spirited, laid back girl.  The only time she gets excited is when we play fetch with her as she loves retrieving the tennis ball.  Gaia is 23" tall at the shoulder and weighs 65 pounds.  Her Activity Score is 4.

Prelimb OFA-Good

Whispering Pines Lady Grace

Grace is a daughter of our Ebony x BirchGrace's pedigree goes back to our original Labrador. Folks visiting our kennel often comment on her sleek white coat, attentive look and kind demeanor. Grace has very strong retrieving drive. She weighs 60 pounds and her Activity Score is 6.

Prelimb OFA - Good

Whispering Pines Lady Faith

Faith​ is the daughter of Aspen X Birch.  She has a beautiful sleek Ivory/White coat.  Faith's personality is so much like her mom's in that she is an extremely Good Retriever, yet a Kind, Loving girl.  Faith weighs 60 pounds and is 21" tall at her shoulder.  Her Activity Score is a 7.

OFA - Excellent

Lady Luna M of Whispering Pines

    Luna is a daughter of Willow (retired) and BirchLuna lives with a friend and his family where she is a great companion dog as well as a wonderful gun dog.  Luna’s striking black pigment complements her white coat.  She is a loving, soft natured girl with ample retrieving drive.  Luna weighs 65 pounds and her Activity Score is 6.    

OFA - Excellent

Our Males

Whispering Pines Sir Tucker

Sir Tucker is an Easy-going, Quiet boy and yet he has a nice amount of Retrieving Drive. Tucker’s dad was imported from Europe and his mom is from English conformation lines.  As shown, Tucker has an inquisitive look about him and very Dark Skin Pigment.  Gotta like this guy.   Tucker is 20” tall and weighs 65lbs.  He has an Activity Score of 5.    
  PreLimb OFA
Whispering Pines Sir Winchester (Chester)

   Sir Chester is an Eye-Appealing Male with a Wonderfully Gentle Temperament.  He is quiet, laid back and has a light soft yellow coat with a blocky build and the beautifully proportioned head we like.      

   Chester has a substantial amount of bone and a broad head and deep bodied chest.  31 Champions in 4 generations of his Pedigree.  Chester is 23" tall and weighs 80-85#.  Activity Score 4-5


Whispering Pines Sir Griffon

     Sir Griffon “Griff” is a blocky built, very dark Fox Red son of our Sir Regal and Lady Maple. Griffon has an extreme Light Switch personality. He leans into us with his tail a-thumping when being petted but when we pick up his favorite fetch toy he is all business. Such fun to watch. Griffon is a Great Retriever. 

     Griffon is a 3rd generation Whispering Pines dog. He weighs 80# and is 21" tall at his shoulder. Activity Score 6. 

OFA - Excellent

Sir Dawson of Cooperslane

is a very Dark Red correctly built English type boy.  Dawson is a Heavy Boned dog which gives him his bold look.  His gentle, yet fun-loving personality makes him enjoyable to spend time with.  Dawson is 21” tall and weighs 80#. His Activity Score is a 6.  

OFA - Fair

Whispering Pines Sir Tripp My Trigger (Tripp)

Sir Tripp
(Tripp My Trigger) is a good looking son of our Lady Jewel and Sir Dawson. As a puppy Tripp loved to retrieve and then sit in our lap with what he retrieved. That characteristic remained as he matured into an adult. He inherited his Dark Red coat from his parents. Tripp is 21” tall at his shoulder and weighs 75lbs. His Activity Score is a 5-6.   

  PreLimb OFA