Explanation of how the Deposit List works:
The First Pick list shows folks that have placed a deposit for the First Pick puppy from a Specific Litter and indicates Availability of First Picks.

The General Deposit List consists of folks that have placed a deposit for a puppy of the color and gender they want, Not Litter Specific.  Names are in the order of which the deposit was received.  When a new litter is born and a puppy of the Color and Gender you want is available, you will be offered a puppy from that litter.

Deposit:  We ask for a $200.00 deposit, if we do not have a puppy that fits your needs, we will refund the deposit or you can move to the next available litter, whichever you prefer.  Please let us know if you are sending a deposit and we will send you a confirmation once we receive it along with some information to help you prepare for your puppy.

Deposits can be made with:  1.  A personal check to Whispering Pines and sent to 14694 - 200th St., Milaca, MN  56353.  2. Paypal (3% fee charged) using our email address: [email protected]  3. Cash